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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Park open/close?

The gates open around 7:30am and close after sundown, although the park is open everyday, for riding anytime. If the gate is shut, park safely nearby and ride in.

What ability do I need to ride the trails?

We encourage riders of all ages and abilities to have a go at riding on our trails. A lot of the tracks are constructed to be ‘family friendly’ which are suitable for all riders who can confidently ride a bike on 2 wheels including children and beginner riders. As well as the wider, flatter novice tracks, there are trails for advanced riders too including jumps and technical features. If you can ride on the Cycle Trails, you can ride here in the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park.

What sort of bike do I need?

We would encourage riders to have a safe bike, ideally a mountain bike which has ‘fatter’ mountain bike tyres as opposed to a road bike or hybrid bike. Suspension also helps on the trails but is not a necessity. Make sure your tyres are inflated, your brakes work, all bolts tight and your bike has been safety checked or serviced by a bike mechanic before riding as injuries can happen if your bike is not safe to ride.

Can I hire a bike?

We do have an onsite bike hire facility (Paihia Mountain Bikes) which has quality bikes for rent including kids bikes, front suspension bikes, full suspension bikes and even electric mountain bikes. These can be rented for a half day or full day. Please contact the team on 0211878192 or if you would like to book a bike (highly advised during the busy summer and school holiday season).

What is the shuttle service?

The shuttle service in the mtb park takes riders and their bikes from the bottom of the tracks to the top of the tracks. This usually operates all school holidays, weekends and public holidays. It is a great way to stay out riding longer and save those legs. It is super popular with both families and hardcore riders alike. Shuttle tickets can be purchased onsite with cash or credit card from Paihia Mountain Bikes (the bike hire business) or from the shuttle driver with cash. See the facebook page for weather updates and for more information on the shuttles.

What gear do I need to carry on rides?

Hydration, cell phone, a map – if you are new to the forest.

Is there cell phone coverage in the forest?

Cell phone coverage is patchy in the low-lying areas of the park.

Do you have bike spares and tools onsite?

Our mechanics onsite at Paihia Mountain Bikes can often help with flat tyres and quick fixes while you are at the Waitangi MTB Park. Often during summer the mechanics are quite busy, so make sure your bike is ready to go when you get here!

Are there bike wash facilities available onsite?

No. Unfortunately we do not have access to water at the car park. There is only tank water for the café. Most accommodation providers offer bike wash facilities.

Do you have first aid onsite?

All of our staff are trained in first aid. There is also a Defibrilator located at the Car Park, on the fence near the toilet block. Doctors clinics are located in Paihia and Kerikeri. The closest hospital is Bay of Islands Hospital located in Kawakawa, 20 mins drive from the Park.

How much time do I need to allow for a ride?

You can ride for as little or as long as you like on the tracks. Some riders will find 1hour of exploring plenty of time, whereas other riders will come back for 3 full days in a row! Most riders that hire a bike will ride for around a half day (3 to 4 hours including breaks, lunch stops and/or shuttle service rides)

Are there any other forest users to be aware of?

Horse riders and walkers/hikers have shared use of the forestry roads. There are no hikers or horses allowed on mtb tracks.

Is night riding allowed?

Yes. Please be aware that we have an active kiwi population, so extra care is to be taken when riding at night. Remember the gate closes just after sundown, so if you are riding after dark, be sure to park on the outside of the gate before you head in.

Is there food available onsite?

Yes, there is a café onsite that is open on the weekends and throughout the school holidays.

Is there drinking water available onsite?

No. Unfortunately we do not have access to water at the car park. There is only tank water for the café. Water bottles are available for sale at the café.

Where can I get a map?

You get a Paper Map included for FREE when you Register to Ride or Trail Maps can be purchased at the following locations:

– Onsite from Park Office
– Bay of Islands iSITE Visitor Information Centre, Paihia Wharf
– Paihia Mountain Bike Rentals & Shuttles
– Bay Beach Hire

Is there a Trail Map App available, so that I can see my location within the park?

Yes. Trailmapps Waitangi App is a smartphone app that uses the smartphones inbuilt GPS to show you exactly where you are on a full colour zoomable map. Once you’ve downloaded the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, mobile data is not required to show your location on the map. GPS uses satellite for location not data.  The Trailmapps Waitangi App also has an Emergency location feature that shows the exact co-ordinates of your location on screen, so you can read them out to the 111 operator.  This works anywhere in the world (no data service is required).

Register To Ride FAQs

How can I Register to Ride?

Anyone can Register to Ride online by visiting our website or by visiting our Information Office and Paihia Mountain Bikes at the trail hub.

Do I have to Register to Ride?

Every user of the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park is encouraged to register to ride by making a minimum annual donation of $40 per adult, $25 per child (14 years and under) or a one day donation of $10. This money will go towards trail maintenance and is vital for the sustainability of the Park.

How much does it cost to Register to Ride?

$40 per adult for one year from date of registration

$25 per child (14 years and under) for one year from date of registration

How will I know when my Register to Ride is due for renewal?

Your annual Register to Ride is valid for one year from the date you register.  It is a reoccurring annual subscription and will automatically renew on the due date.  We will send you a reminder via email 3 weeks before your subscription is due and then 3 days beforehand advising that your account will be debited on your due date.

What do I get for Registering to Ride?

All registered riders will receive an up to date paper trail map and two coloured plastic tags. One tag is for your bike – very uncool to be seen without one – and a smaller one for your key ring to be flashed around town for great incentives that are offered by many local businesses.

Can I just register for one day?

We have had a number of requests from visitors who are keen to donate, but are only here for a day, or who can only ride for one day – and are not keen for the annual registration. So, in response to this we are have introduced a ‘one day’ $10 donation option for visitors.

‘One day donors’ are provided with a luggage tag style sticker with the days date on it, which once removed from your bike, can be used similarly to the annual tags – they can be used for the great incentives offered around town – but only for that one day.  So, remember to remove it from your bike after your ride.

This option also comes with a free paper trail map.

Can I cancel my Register to Ride?

Yes.  You can cancel your annual Register to Ride at any time.